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The Coinage Act was passed by Congress on April 2, 1792 which authorized the construction of the United States Mint. Annual coin production of the US Mint ranges between 4 and 10 billion coins annually. The first circulating coins where produced in the United States in 1793.

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Coin Top 100 strives to be the world's all encompassing coin resource across the entire spectrum of coin collecting and numismatics. Coin Top 100 lists the top coin sites worldwide and is a resource for coin enthusiasts and collectors from beginner to expert. As you begin to explore some of the pages here please don't hesistate to submit your comments and participate in the discussions which are available at the bottom of every page on this site.

Coin collecting is a fascinating hobby that involves a good knowledge of history, monetary history, research methods and a keen eye for value. You do not have to be a historian to be an expert coin collector but you will learn a lot about world history if you go deep into the art of coin collecting. Whether you are a coin collector or a coin investor I hope you find what you were looking for here. If not, then please do not hesitate to contact me right away at  email

Below we list the first 10 of the top 100 coin sites:

  1. Precious Metal House - The best place to buy gold and silver bullion coins online. Only direct of Perth Mint of Australia, Mexican Mint, and exclusive distributor of Scottsdale Silver in Canada. Full-service solutions for your precious metals need: buying, selling, storage and delivery.
  2. Coins of the UK - A detailed history of English and UK coins, along with values of coins issued since the English Civil War
  3. Piedmont Rare Coin - Coins is our passion! We specialize in rare hard to find coins. We also deal with all forms of bullion, common coins and paper money on a daily basis. With over 30 years experience we have knowledable staff on hand that can answer any questions you may have.
  4. Fine Rare Coins - Rare Coins for sale online - Gold Bullion, gold coins, Morgan silver dollars, PCGS and NGC certified coins, Ancient and World coins, US Paper money, World Currency, Exonumia, and coin collector supplies.
  5. The Lincoln Cent Resource - Welcome to the Lincoln Cent Resource. This site is dedicated to delivering you information about the top Lincoln Cent Varieties including Doubled Dies, Repunched Mintmarks, Over Mintmarks, and much more...
  6. Greek Coins - Ancient Greek coins - Brief reference to the very first coins used in ancient Greece and to the reasons that lead ancient Greeks decided on establishing metal coins as a means of exchange.
  7. British Coin Price Guide - This is a free for every one who want to no how much british coins are worth today in 2009. This is new british coin website and is getting updated every day. Do come along take alook at my british coin website.
  8. AncientCoins - We sell ancient coins, rings, curios, and artifacts.
  9. - "Your guide to British coins" This website is designed to be a reference and help British coin collectors in identifying various coins minted from the milled coins of Cromwell to George VI. (Includes Discussion Forum)
  10. The Working Man's Rare Coins - Specializing in United States Silver Coins - Hundreds of coins listed with images - show schedule - numismatic information - find your coin here
  11. See Full Coin Top 100 List Here

Why Should you Buy Coins and Collect them ?

Coin Collecting has several advantages over other types of collecting. The first and most obvious advantage is portability. The amount of value you can store in coins per square inch is much higher than most other types of collectibles and antique items.

The second reason why you should consider embarking on being a numismatist has to do with the grander question of " How does one truly keep and maintain a store of value ? ". We are currently living in an unprecedented age where world governments print paper currency at a seemingly infinite rate. The simple laws of supply and demand therefore make it less worthwhile to store and save paper currency as a means of wealth building.

Storing and collecting valuable coins of various varieties is a sound diversification vehicle if the primary motive is to build value and savings over time. Of course coin prices can fluctuate dramatically over time. However in my opinion the general trend of coin prices that have numismatic and precious metal value is likely to increase dramatically going forward (next 10 to 15 years). The thinking behind this has to do specifically with what exactly a precious metal bull market is.

If you happen to have a specific interest in silver coins or if you are new to buying silver coins or bullion, this site is a great place for beginners to start.

Coin Collecting from A to Z

Coin Top 100 will develop a series of articles on coin collecting over time starting with a series of beginner articles on coins for those new to the coin world.

Then we move on to the three heavy hitters, Ancient Coins, US Coins and World Coins after which we take a look at rare, expensive and esoteric coins.

There are many pitfalls, potholes and risks when one ventures out to buy coins either as a hobby or as a serious investor. In our how and where to buy coins section we talk about how to avoid getting ripped off with fake coins, understanding price guides and what is involved when buying coins at auction.

Perhaps one of the most important topic with respect to coin collecting is the grading and valuation of coins. The endless maze of price guides and coin types referenced by year and quality can be confusing. We try to make sense of it all in the coin prices section.

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The Top 10 Most Valuable Coins

  1. $7,590,020
    1933 Double Eagle
  2. $5,000,000
    1913 Liberty Nickel
  3. $4,140,000
    1804 Bust Dollar
  4. $2,990,000
    1787 Brasher Doubloon
    EB on Breast
  5. $2,990,000
    1787 Brasher Doubloon
    EB on Wing
  6. $1,897,000
    1927-D Double Eagle
  7. $1,725,000
    1920-S Indian Eagle
  8. $1,600,000
    1885 Trade Dollar
  9. $1,380,000
    1796 NS Quarter Eagle
  10. $1,200,000
    1907 Ultra High Relief Double Eagle